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Casa rural Azabache

Casa Rural Azabache

The rural house of Azabache makes up part of an an old farmhouse, located between the walls of El Barco, facing onto a small square, in an area once populated by a Jewish community in the 15th century.
The building is of great antiquity, from around the 17th century. Without leaving the house visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of Gredos, glimpse at the beauty of the local church, and make out the Puerto de Tonavacas (Valle del Jerte) in the distance.
The house enables travellers to connect with the historic past of the village of El Barco, conveying the serenity and tranquillity of the Gredos mountain ranges, Bejar, and Solana. Additionally, within just a few steps of the property, guests can explore and enjoy the local restaurants, bars, and terraces of the main village square.

The rural house of Azabache also pays homage to the traditional clothes of the women of the area. The decoration is based on the grey colour of rural Spanish tradition, in combination with red and black; a predominant style in the old female peasant dress. Additionally, the house features traditional paintings, handmade pictures, lamps, and antique lanterns.
  • ·        Visitors can choose to relax in the nearby SPA (Hotel Puerta de Gredos) featuring a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, Scottish showers, Turkish bathrooms, and a fitness gym.

  • ·        2 bicycles are available for use at the property, free of charge. 

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