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Casa rural Azabache

The Gastronomy of the area

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Spain, if not the biggest, is its cuisine, and Avila is no exception. The typical dishes of the area enamour all of its visitors.
 Dishes that you must not leave without trying:
  •  Beans

Beans of all shapes and sizes, cultivated in the farms of El Barco de Avila. They are considered by the PGI (Protected Geographical Information) as the best of all the legumes.

  •  The large veal stake of Avila

One of the most valued steaks in the country. In 1998 it was rewarded by the PGI as the best meat of Avila. The dish is best grilled and served with garnish of the season.

  •  Mashed potatoes

Coming from Avila and Extremadura, they are spiced potatoes with meat and a special touch from Avila. Cooked, to the plate and ready! Beautiful.
Avila is full of delicious dishes that you are going to remember and recommend for a long time. One of the hooks of Avila is this: its spectacular cuisine.

  • Exquisite home made deserts

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